Magpie #83 Raven Water Woman

Into this icy pool she came
tormented by years
of a thousand beginnings
her clenched fist clutched the wet earth
in her
the heavens melted
in her heart
the waters gathered waiting for

as slowly she raised each galvanized arm
felt each stabbing
pain of the heart
as slowly she felt at last
a place this safe to just let
it go

today she knew
she had come back to herself
she knew she’d
a changed woman never to turn her back
again upon herself
herself others’ misery
cursing the day she was born to die

with leather wrapped around her
earth-bound her lips were sealed
the voice
emanated from places unknown
as slowly her soft moaning sighs became
deep within a door opened

as her heart leaped out of her
She felt the feeling of a warm hand
upon her wet dress
it was her
own hand
as she rebirth herself as Raven

words do not escape
the day of her reckoning
has been mete
she is free to fly

this disconcerted effort
connect the disconnect
fly in the
face of danger

anger and shame
As her alter eagle flew
far past her on
the distant horizon
Another familiar shadow did appear

As the raven
set up house
in her watery grave
ah, to be wet
felt nothing like

She knew and

She knew
and She knew

just what she had to do

She grew

She grew
and She grew

as to undo and make done

with each
saturated moment

as the water flows
a permanence permeated her ever pore
she became more
of herself
as herself
by herself
She could now scream an earth-curdling scream
as the banshee
fill her lungs with air
and fill the earth with water
and fill her heart with sky and cloud and rain
the earth
heard her
listened to her
obeyed her command
“release my womb”
as the earth goddess Gaia Reigned
These Rainbow Smiles
and thus flew our Raven
as she cawed one last time
Thank-you Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for this weeks watery prompt! Please try to write one better or at least as good as the other famous writers who do frequent this amazing blog;

One comment on “Magpie #83 Raven Water Woman

  1. Helen says:

    Your Magpie … mesmerizing.

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