Magpie #90 Limerick Licks

image source: Google images, unknown photographer


Before you read any of these frantic limericks please go here for a much more sane approach to this magpie…thank-you very much!


 There was an old lady from Dorset

 Who might know how to tie a corset

She loved to play this musical game

save for the chairs she sought to tame

and none of  thought anything of it


 There was an old chair from the distant past

 who thought the party would be hyper- blast

 and all dead-wood played along

soon there’d be only one left

the stupid *itch from Suffix


 There once was a Space known as SomePlaceElse

 that didn’t know it’s arse from a hole in the ground

 as it went from here to there just grab that chair that is square

 and a silly girl quite fair none would be the wiser for it


 When trying out a Limerick

 it be best to not think a tick

 grab a beer and a chair sit down here

 and never mind yer complainin’