The Mag #103 “I, Once A Refusenik”

a grave at the Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow

“I, Once A Refusenik”
You can have this bloody ruby
after you pry it from my
cold dead hands
unaware of my body
my arms stiffened with rigor mortis
somewhat riddled by stray bullets
A spy at the Politburo
Phil Meghan
noticed my concrete holes
and covered them up
not really a coverup
I, Once A Refusenik
tight weave of crystalline form
always appreciated
now just needed by those in the know
by the dead heap of the night
the nameless come
unearthed the masses
underneath me
surrounding me
they desire the very thing
I hold
all of them
needing me?
no, wanting me!
so now, go ahead,
you newly dead
just take it!
Thanks Tess Kincaid of The Mag for the inspiring image with the Russian allure. Please transit here for a glimpse behind the scenes;